One Piece Debuts Promo for Episode 980

One Piece has debuted a promo for its next big episode! The anime series has finally kicked off [...]

One Piece has debuted a promo for its next big episode! The anime series has finally kicked off the war for Wano in full as now that it's returned to the present day, Luffy and the Akazaya Nine are fully preparing to take their raid on Onigashima. The previous episode of the series surprised with Luffy, Law, and Kid's team up against the Beast Pirates' ships, and now the newest episode has taken things further as Kanjuro has made another move after revealing that he had turned traitor on the rest of the Akazaya Nine.

Following the cliffhanger in which Denjiro revealed himself to be on the Akazaya Nine's side, the newest episode of the series saw him fully explain to the other Akazaya Nine members about his plan and the fact that he read Kin'emon's plan in a totally different way than Kin'emon had meant it to be. This leads us right into the next episode of the series as Kanjuro is now attempting to take Momonosuke away to Kaido and Orochi on Onigashima. Check out the preview for Episode 980 below as snapped up by @SoulstormOP on Twitter:

Episode 980 of the series is titled "A Tearful Promise! The Kidnapped Momonosuke!" and as the title and preview for the episode suggests, Luffy and the other Straw Hats will be trying to make their way to Kanjuro to save Momonosuke in time. It seems that this struggle to reclaim the Kozuki heir will be the main focus of this next episode, and it's going to be one of the most important moments of this first skirmish on the way to Onigashima.

Luffy and the rebel forces are now well over 5,000 strong as of the newest episode of the series, and the real fight is still quite a bit away from this point as they have had to fight just to leave this port and head towards the island. Momonosuke being in danger has made this much more complicated, and now it seems like if they aren't able to rescue him in time they'll have to fight their way all the way to Onigashima to do so.

But what are you thinking of One Piece's anime right now? Are you ready for the huge fight coming at Onigashima? Do you think they'll be able to save Momonosuke in time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!