'One Piece' Reunites Luffy With [SPOILER]

This year marks the 20th anniversary of One Piece, and the franchise is ending 2017 with a bang. The anime is still working through the beginning phases of the 'Whole Cake Island' arc, and its most recent episode reunited Monkey D. Luffy with an old friend.

Yes, that's right. Jinbei is back in action, and fans are happy the pirate had a BAMF re-entrance to the series.

Last weekend, Toei Animation shared the 818th episode of One Piece. The episode focused on Brook heavily as the Straw Hat pirate was pitted against Big Mom herself, but it ended on a surprising note.

Fans caught up with Luffy and Nami as the pair were still imprisoned within a library book. The former stretched his rubbery abilities to their limits as Luffy tried to break his arms to escape his cuffs. Nami was left begging Luffy to rethink his decision, but things got tense when Opera confirmed he would torture the navigator for information about Lola. Luffy said he was not going to let Opera do as he pleased, but it was not the captain who made Big Mom's son stop.

No, that honor belonged to Jinbei.

A knock came at the library's door, and Jinbei entered to the shock of Opera. When the captor said the pirate was not allowed to enter the castle anymore, Jinbei lumbered ahead and socked Opera with one tough punch. Luffy and Nami were left stunned by their ally's sudden appearance, and Jinbei then offered to get the Straw Hat pair out of their cell.

If you are familiar with the manga, then you will know why Jinbei is lurking around Whole Cake Island. The pirate once explained he had unfinished business to settle with Big Mom. Jinbei wound up getting close to the Yonko's crew by joining her service, but he has since abandoned his post to help the Straw Hats. Right now, the character is working as part of the Sanji Retrieval Team as it tries to bring down Big Mom once and for all.


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