One Piece Teases New Episode with SPOILER'S Debut

One Piece has been quiet on the anime front for two months or so, but things will change for the show shortly. It was not long ago that Toei Animation confirmed the hit series would return to TV this month. After dealing with significant COVID-19 delays, One Piece is ready to get back into action, and a new teaser for the show's comeback introduces a special someone to fans.

Over on Twitter, One Piece has started hyping up its comeback with new images teasing the show's next episode. The update, which will debut on June 28, has captured the imagination of anime-only fans for awhile. It is titled "A Lead Performer! Queen the Plague Emerges!" which sounds plenty interesting. And as manga readers will know, an important baddie is introduced here.

After all, the manga set up his debut so long ago. Queen is one of the top fighters working with Kaido, and he takes his place amongst the Beasts Pirates seriously. Queen has an eye for theatrics and is not afraid to schmooze with his foes. It sounds like Luffy will discover that for himself soon, so fans are eager to see Queen the Plague in all his anime glory shortly.

Of course, Queen is far from the last threat Luffy will face on Wano. He has already tried to ambush Kaido which is how he ended up in jail in the first place. There are more surprising villains on their way, so anime-only fans can rest assured there is more drama to come. And when it comes down to it, the arrival of Queen might be one of the most fun bits of the Wano arc given his dramatics.

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