One Piece's Infamous 4Kids Rap Gets Cover by Gilbert Gottfried

If you are a longtime fan of One Piece, then there is a good chance you will remember when 4Kids gave its crack at the anime. Back in the day, the hit series was brought overseas with Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and more to satiate the growing need for anime in America. Today, most netizens remember 4Kids for basically ruining One Piece with its English dub, but it did do one thing right. Back in the day, One Piece got an entire rap opening from 4Kids, and it was just covered by the legendary Gilbert Gottfried.

And yes, you did read that right. Gottfried did give his own take on the One Piece rap recently, and it is genius. Fans are petitioning the clip to win a Grammy, and honestly? The comedy of this cover is sheer perfection.

The whole thing happened thanks to Cameo when a fan paid for Gottfried to read the lyrics of the One Piece rap. If you do not know the song in its original form, you can listen to it here. The piece was performed black in the day by Freshco with vocals by Russell Velasquez. The song is kind of a hot mess, and Gottfried leans into that feeling as you can hear above. The cover is so amazingly bad that it is good, and we have to admit Gottfried brought a new level of class to the 4Kids rap that so many bleached from their minds.

By now, Gottfried's cover has been circulated hundreds of thousands of times online by fans. No one knew this was the cover they needed of the One Piece rap, but we are sure happy to have it. Now, fans need to pool together the resources to have Gottfried perform the original Japanese opening or the English edition of "We Are!" to bring things full circle. After all, Gottfried has been active on Cameo for a while, and his rates are mostly affordable. So if you need more comedy gold from this actor, well - we've got just the pitch for you!


Did you ever think you'd see a cover like this in your life? Should Gottfriend record a real opening for One Piece? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.