One Piece Cosplay Gives Usopp A Femme Makeover

Usopp has earned his place among the Straw Hat Pirates time and time again, with the former island denizen spending his time "crying wolf" when it came to pirates invading his homeland, and now, one cosplayer has decided to honor the swashbuckling sniper with some spot-on Cosplay that brings the great Usopp to life. With the War for Wano raging, pitting Luffy and his crew against Kaido and his Beast Pirates, fans are crossing their fingers that Usopp won't be one of the casualties that the resistance fighters suffer as they attempt to free the borders of the isolated nation.

Unlike many of his compatriots aboard the Thousand Sunny, Usopp hasn't eaten a Devil Fruit and doesn't have insane skills to rely on, as is the case with Luffy, Nico, Sanji, and Zoro to name a few. Regardless, the sniper for the Straw Hats remains a valued member of the team, even developing some new abilities along the way, such as the power to detect Haki among those who sail the seas. With Eiichiro Oda planning on bringing the story of One Piece to a close within the next five years, fans are left wondering if Usopp will not only survive but recognize that he has achieved his dream of becoming a "brave warrior of the sea,"

Instagram Cosplayer Michelle Maka shared this new take on the Straw Hats' sniper who remains one of the most endearing characters of One Piece, continuing to travel alongside Luffy and his crew as they attempt to right the wrongs on the seas of the Grand Line:

One Piece doesn't just have its one-thousandth episode to look forward to with its anime adaptation, but the Shonen franchise will also be getting its own live-action adaptation from Netflix. With Netflix's Cowboy Bebop set to arrive next month, perhaps the arrival of Spike Spiegel and company will give us a better idea of how Usopp and his friends will emerge in the new story documenting the story of Luffy attempting to become the king of the pirates. 

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