One Piece Cosplay Shows Why Fans Love Yamato

Yamato is seen by many One Piece fans as the biggest character to emerge from the Wano Arc, holding the title of Kaido's offspring while also walking in the footsteps of the man that worked to save the isolated nation, Kozuki Oden. Now that the war has ended in One Piece's manga, Yamato's future has the warrior hitting the road and one cosplayer has once again brought Wano's shining star to life thanks to a pitch perfect aesthetic. 

Yamato has had a complicated past on the island nation of Wano, breaking away from his father and instead taking on the name of Kozuki Oden following an encounter wherein Kaido placed the young warrior in a cave filled with downed ronin. Learning more about the Wano Shogun, Kaido's offspring went so far as to take on Oden's name, working to bring down the Beast Pirates and his father's plans for both the country and the Grand Line at large. Shockingly enough, at the end of the Wano Arc, Yamato made the decision to not join the Straw Hat Pirates during their Final Arc and instead follow even closer in Oden's footsteps by exploring both Wano Country and the world at large.

One Piece's Wano Superstar

Instagram Cosplayer Your Alt Barbie shared this new take on Wano's shining star, with Yamato's story taking a very different approach following the War For Wano's Conclusion as Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates sail off into their Final Arc that will bring the Shonen series to a close following its twenty plus year history:

One Piece recently released its fifteenth film, One Piece: Red, into theaters in North America, and while Yamato doesn't make an appearance, some other big names appeared in the movie that brought back Red-Haired Shanks and introduced fans to his daughter, Uta. With the Grand Line's story inching toward its end and giving Eiichiro Oda a long-awaited retirement.

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