One Piece Episode 1101 Releases Epic Preview: Watch

One Piece has released the promo for Episode 1101!

One Piece is finally coming back with a new episode following up the game changing fight between Gear 5 Luffy and Rob Lucci, and the anime has shared the first look at what's next with the promo for Episode 1101! One Piece Episode 1100 broke some surprising records as fans were impressed by Luffy's newest Gear 5 transformation, and that's really only the start of the real heart of the Egghead Arc to come. There are some big moments coming in the anime's future, and it's time to set the stage for some of those big shake ups. 

This week saw One Piece take a brief break from the story with a special recap episode getting fans up to speed of some of the big players we'll see in Egghead, and that was absolutely necessary as it looks like the next episode is going to keep up the trend for impressive action sequences. With the Seraphim making their move and showing off their abilities against the military, the promo for One Piece Episode 1101 shows off some of this action and you can check it out below.

One Piece Episode 1101 Release Date and Time

One Piece Episode 1101 is titled "The Strongest Form of Humanity! The Seraphim's Powers!" and the promo for the episode teases it as such, "Luffy and Lucci continue to fight recklessly. The four Seraphim mercilessly beat up CP-0's big army. As the Straw Hats witness their extraordinary strengths, Vegapunk starts telling them of his significant research findings on the Devil Fruit powers!" Premiering in Japan on Sunday, April 21st (and Saturday, April 20th internationally), One Piece Episode 1101 will be streaming with both Crunchyroll and Netflix.

If you wanted to go back and check out more of the One Piece anime from the very beginning (along with various OVAs, movies, and other specials) you can find the entire back catalog streaming with Crunchyroll in Japanese and English language dubbed audio. You can also find the newest chapters of the One Piece manga (with the three most recent chapters being available for free) with Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library if you wanted to read ahead for what's coming next.

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