One Piece: Red Debuts Two New Characters with Attack on Titan Ties

One Piece: Red is on the horizon, and it won't take long before fans can sail the seas with help from the film. The Straw Hats will follow Luffy as always when the project hits theaters this fall, and things will get wild when the team meets Shanks' daughter. And now, we have learned about two new characters joining the movie with ties to Attack on Titan.

The update revealed these new characters are named Romy and Yorueka as you can see below. The former is a young girl with bi-colored hair just like Shanks' daughter Uta. The young girl is wearing a patchwork dress and bow complete with a satchel while her friend Yorueka is in a raggedy jumper. The boy's brown-green hair is completely untamed, and he is holding a fan with Uta's name on it.

According to the team at Toei Animation, Romy will be brought to life by Chiise Nitsu while Yorueka takes care of Yuki Kaji. If the latter's name sounds familiar to you, well – you must be a veteran anime fan. The actor is one of the most prolific in the industry but is known best for voicing Eren in Attack on Titan.

Outside of his monstrous role, Kaji voices a number of other high-profile characters. From Kenma Kozume to Meliodas and even Shoto Todoroki, few actors have the kind of brand name power Kaij does. And now, the actor is ready to make his One Piece debut with help from the anime's new movie. So if you want to catch the flick, it will be going live in Japan this August!

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