One Piece Reveals Kaido's English Voice Actor

One Piece has revealed who will be providing the voice for Kaido in Funimation's English dub release of the anime series! Production on Funimation's English dub for One Piece's anime had finally resumed in 2019 after quite the long break, and that meant fans who had been waiting to continue the series were finally able to enjoy the Punk Hazard arc and beyond. The dubbed release of the series has been steadily making its way through the massive Dressrosa arc over the last year, and now it's finally going to bring this arc to an end. 

The newest batch of episodes for the series catalog the climactic final battle and immediate fallout of the Dressrosa arc, and with that fallout fans know an even bigger threat is coming our way. With this threat and Kaido's place among the Four Emperors is finally revealed, One Piece has officially announced that David Sobolov (Depth Charge in Beast Wars: Transformers, Gorilla Grodd in The Flash TV series) is now the voice actor who will be bringing Kaido to life in Funimation's English dub release of the series. 

Kaido arrives as part of Season 11 Voyage 9 which catalogues episodes 733-746 of the anime series. This goes from the final climactic fight of the Dressrosa arc and goes all the way to its immediate fallout. It brings the Dressrosa arc to its ultimate end, and that means that the rest of the seas will start to be opening up for fans of the English dub. With the Japanese release of the series soon reaching 1000 episodes in the coming weeks, that means there is quite a lot of anime to enjoy for all sorts of One Piece fans. 

With Dressrosa coming to an end in this newest batch of episodes, fans of the English dub will soon be able to make their way through a few important arcs before entering the next largest story, Whole Cake Island, which pits Luffy against yet another Emperor! Kaido plays a big role in what's coming too, so fans should definitely keep an eye out for what could be coming next! What do you think? 

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