'One Piece' Reveals Katakuri’s Hilarious New Form

One Piece has its fair share of over-powered characters, but few can stand up to Charlotte Katakuri. The pirate has shown time and again that he's ready to take down Luffy at any time, and readers have seen how strong he is firsthand. Katakuri has an attack arsenal that cannot be overlooked, and he just add another move to the list.

However, this new power is way more funny than it has any right to be.

In the latest chapter of One Piece, fans watched as the Sweet Commander continued his fight with Luffy. The Straw Hat captain revealed his new Gear Fourth form, and the transformation made Katakuri pause briefly. The slippery power-up helped Luffy get a few hits in on the baddie, so Katakuri decided to take things up a notch.

Chapter 895 shows Katakuri as he launches a series of mochi donut attacks. The projectiles are meant to act like high-speed discs which can knock down others, but Luffy was able to dodge the remote attacks. So, Katakuri decided to go full donut and become one with the tasty snacks.

Yes, Luffy's Snakeman met Donutman for all intents and purposes. That is how Eiichiro Oda rolls.

Thanks to Luffy's new form, he is much faster than before and can circumvent Katakuri's defenses. The Sweet Commander decides a speedy charge could take the captain off-guard, so he shapes his body somehow into a donut. Katakuri can then speed forward and un-donut himself in time to launch a Diced Mochi punch to Luffy's gut.

Yeah, ouch!


Katakuri uses the hilarious new form against Luffy twice in One Piece's new chapter before the pair exchange their final blows. The update leaves off with Dice Mochi taking on Luffy's Gomu Gomu no King Cobra attack, so fans have to wait a bit longer in order to see who wins.

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