Netflix Comments on One Piece's Fan-Casting of Cole Sprouse

One Piece is currently taking audiences through one of the biggest story lines in the franchise's history with Wano in both the pages of the manga and the episodes of the anime, but a live action series is in the works for North America thanks to Netflix and the streaming service has commented on a big fan casting wish: Cole Sprouse as Sanji. Sprouse is currently playing the role of Jughead Jones in the CW drama, Riverdale, and definitely is one of the dream castings for One Piece's upcoming live action series according to fans of the long running franchise!

One Piece's live action series has yet to announce any of its casting when it comes to the Straw Hat Pirates or any of the other swashbucklers that live within the world of the Grand Line, though fans have definitely shared some of their casting ideas via social media. With the creator of the anime franchise, Eiichiro Oda, taking a direct role in the production of the series, fans are looking forward to this Netflix adaptation that will most likely do justice to the popular series. With Netflix recently bringing the anime itself to its library, the streaming service is definitely getting fans hyped for the arrival of the live action interpretation!

The Official Twitter Account for the live action series of Netflix's One Piece responded to a Tweet that was shared by Crunchyroll, seeming to lead credence to the idea that Cole Sprouse may in fact has a shot of being cast as Sanji, the Straw Hat Pirates' resident cook, in the live action series:

Sanji himself has had a big role to play within the colorful cast of the Straw Hat Pirates, unleashing devastating kicks alongside some delicious meals for his fellow swashbucklers. Needless to say, we'd definitely be on board with Cole Sprouse taking on the role considering the job he's done with Jughead in the Riverdale show for the CW. As development of the live action series continues, we can't wait to see who makes the cut for the cast and what stories the Netflix show will adapt for this brand new take on Luffy and company.

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