'One Piece' Live-Action Series Reveals First Story Details

If you had not heard, One Piece is preparing to enter the U.S. on the high tide. The beloved shonen series confirmed earlier this year that it will be giving a live-action adaptation from Hollywood. Now, the first details about the show have come to light, and it means big things for anime fans

After all, it appears as if the show will start off from the very beginning.

Right now, Jump Festa is going on in Tokyo, and the event is hosting one of its most-anticipated stages of the year. One Piece has taken to the spotlight as Shueisha gives updates on the series, and its live-action adaptation got a public moment. According to reports, the show's producer chatted with fans via video, and it was there the man confirmed One Piece will begin with its 'East Blue' saga.

Of course, fans of One Piece will be familiar with the saga as it is the first one Oda created. The introductory storyline introduces Monkey D. Luffy as a child and then continues to highlight his growing Straw Hat crew.

Aside from the story announcement, little else is known about One Piece's live-action adaptation. If it starts off with 'East Blue,' the show will need to cast a younger take on Luffy than some may have expected. The show's manga and anime are currently taking place after a time-skip, and Luffy was a younger boy in the franchise's debut saga. The series starts off by introducing the icon that is Gol D. Rogers and his challenge to the world. After Luffy encounters a pirate named Shanks at a rowdy village, the boy declares he will become the King of the Pirates, and the rubbery hero goes on to collect a crew he feels can help him reach his dream.

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