One Piece Puts a Deadly Bounty Over a Hero's Head

One Piece has been running through the Wano Country arc for months now, and things are starting to amp at now that its big war has gotten underway. The Straw Hats have teamed up with more than five thousand soldiers to restore the Kozuki clan to power. Of course, that means Kaido must be dealt with first, and his crew has shared their new plans for the young heir.

The revelation came with the most recent chapter of One Piece. It was there fans checked in on Momo as he was taken into hiding by Shinobu. King managed to send a hit out to the ninja as she fled with Oden's son, but the Beasts Pirates got in her way. After all, Kaido did direct everyone to stop the pair as he wants Momo's head served to him ASAP.

One Piece Samurai Vs Kaido
(Photo: Viz Media)

"In other words, this is a rebellion of the Kozuki Clan to restore their house to power! They seek to place Oden's son, Momonosuke, upon the Shogun's throne of Wano! Kill Momonosuke and bring his head to me. That will break the Will of the samurai to fight," King told his soldiers.

As you can imagine, his charge prompted King's thugs to go on a rampage, and it did not take long before Shinobu was found. Momo was nearly killed during the ambush, but King forgot an important fact. Yamato has decided to align with the rebels. They hav stepped in to protect Momo and Shinobu from his father's hand, so fans are sure the Kozuki bloodline will live on past this decree.


As for Kaido, the baddie is a bit busy handling his own fight. The Nine Scabbards have found a way to injure the captain, but Kaido isn't a pushover. The Yonko is known as a calamity given his strength, and One Piece reminded everyone of that with chapter 993. After all, Kaido launches a comeback that leaves one of the vassals permanently maimed, so things are dire for the samurai at this time.

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