One Piece Reveals a Pirate's Secret Poneglyph Power

One Piece has been around the block a few times, so it knows how to keep a secret. After all, some things have had to be kept on the down-low for safety's sake, but others in the series keep secrets like it was their job to do so. As it turns out, Big Mom is one such pirate, but she recently let a secret slip about the Poneglyphs which cannot be ignored.

After all, Nico Robin isn't the only person who can make out the stones. It turns out Pudding can do the same, but the only thing standing in her way is time.

The big revelation was made at the end of One Piece chapter 999. The update checked in on Big Mom and Kaido at the end as they prepared to fight even more foes. After all, the rebels are facing their lackeys below, and the samurai have nearly been defeated. When Big Mom shows up, she reminds Kaido not to kill Nico Robin, and the Yonko goes on to insult Pudding's latent powers.

"Kill as many of them as you want but leave Nico Robin alive," Big Mom says before adding, "You mean Pudding? Who knows... I can't wait around for her true eye to awaken?"

This update is one that some fans had put together before now, but the full confirmation is proof. Pudding does hail from the Three-Eyed Tribe, so she does have the rumored ability to tap into the Voice of All Things. The mysterious power has been seen in others like Gol D Rogers and even Luffy from time to time. The voice allows users to commune with Poneglyphs, so you can see why Pudding would be vital to Big Mom's plans. Still, the heroine has not unlocked her third eye, but Nico Robin can already read the text. But if Pudding were to unlock the power, well - things would heat up in the race to find the One Piece treasure.


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