One Piece Rolls Out One of Luffy's Best Moments Yet

Monkey D. Luffy has helped keep One Piece afloat for decades now, and he has done so with some [...]

Monkey D. Luffy has helped keep One Piece afloat for decades now, and he has done so with some killer one-liners. Time and again, the hero made fans go wild with his witty dialogue and action sequences. From the East Blue arc and on, One Piece has made sure to give Luffy epic moments for the fans, and his most recent scene debuted this past week thanks to a new chapter.

If you have checked out the latest chapter of One Piece, you will know the line in question. The update checked in on the present-day Wano Country to find the vassals of Oden Kozuki desperate to free their land. The chapter was filled with revelations and betrayals, but its ending with Luffy reassured fans all would be well.

After all, the final spread of One Piece chapter 974 witnessed the pirate make a comeback. The pages show Kid, Law, and Luffy in a row as they sail the seas together. The gang are ready to fight against Kaido in their respective ships, and Luffy drops an epic bomb on Kaido's crew with this comeback.

"Hey, you!! Don't pick on samurai in a rowboat! When you're at sea, you fight against pirates," the hero says.

Boom. Mic drop. Luffy hasn't even started to fight but the Straw Hat capture has already won the war.

The chapter's cliffhanger is certainly one of the better moments the series has given Luffy. It isn't often fans will see the Straw Hats take part in this big of an alliance, and they are eager to see the pirates face off with Kaido. Big Mom has also aligned herself with the Beasts Pirates since she wants to kill Luffy, so things are about to get rough for the crew. But if they can overcome this war, then the Straw Hats will be able to do anything.

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