One Piece Sees Luffy Give One of His Best Pep Talks Yet

One Piece's newest chapter saw Luffy give one of his best pep talks in the series yet as Momo needed a final push in the fight against Kaido! The climax of the raid on Onigashima has been brewing as the final battles of the Wano Country arc are now taking place. Luffy has now finally made it back to the top of the Skull Dome for his third fight against Kaido, but this time things are different as he has the surprise help from Momonosuke as Momo's now adult dragon form has a good chance of facing off against Kaido. 

While the previous chapter of the series saw Momo hilariously making his way up to the roof after keeping his eyes closed during flight, Luffy needed Momo to snap out of it and really help him in the fight against Kaido. The two of them had declared themselves to be the future Pirate King and Shogun of Wano respectively, but Momo still needed one final push in order to really get into the fight against Kaido. Luckily, Luffy gives one of his trademark pep talks and happens to give Momo one of the best talks in the series yet as their futures are riding on this fight. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1026 of the series picks up right after Luffy and Momo stand against Kaido, and Momo's still afraid of fighting back. Because while his body has been aged 20 years, he's still the scared kid he was before. He's made great strides through the Wano conflict arc so far, but it's a different situation standing in front of the villain that's caused him so much pain before. Luffy asks him to bite down on Kaido and hold him steady, and through flash backs of seeing Kaido destroy his home 20 years ago, he finds the power to do it. 

After Luffy successfully uses this to land a blow with Momo's help, Luffy yells out to him. He makes Momo realize that he really just took a bite out of one of the Emperors of the Sea, and there should be nothing to scare him any more with such a feat. He then tells Momo to fly away and stop Onigashima while declaring that he's going to stop Kaido once and for all. This gives those fighting in Wano one final burst of energy, and now the final fight overall has truly begun! 


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