Did 'One Piece' Accidentally Reveal Luffy's New Bounty?

When it comes to bounties, One Piece fans can get a little confused. The franchise has dozens of bounties floating around for its characters, but Luffy’s is one which doesn’t stay the same for long. However, the anime’s latest episode has fans wondering if Luffy’s newest bounty just got teased prematurely.

One Piece premiered its 812th episode earlier today, and the release featured something peculiar. After Luffy and Nami were captured by Big Mom Pirates, the two were locked away in the captain’s Prisoner Library to await Big Mom’s judgement. When she comes down to visit Luffy, Big Mom and her brood are seen looking through the book containing Luffy and Nami. The pair have a biography written out in Romanized Japanese, but there is one part in Luffy’s which needs no translation.

As you can see here, Luffy’s biography contains the line, “5,000,000,000 belly.” Fans will know bellies are money in the One Piece universe, and this novel claims Luffy has one massive bounty on his head. In fact, the 5 billion figure makes Luffy the most costly pirate sailing anywhere around the Grand Line.

Of course, there is no reason to think Luffy’s bounty has been upped so substantially without reason. Fans are eager to believe the figure is the product of a type since the pirate’s last-known bounty was 500,000,000. An extra set of zeroes might have been added in accidentally with the new One Piece episode.

After all, the 5 billion belly bounty is way higher than the franchise’s reigning records. The highest bounty in One Piece traditionally laid with Jack “The Drought” as the pirate is one of the Three Disaster. As Kaiod’s right-hand man, Jack has a bounty of 1 billion belly, but Charlotte Katakuri beat out “The Drought” recently with a bounty of 1,057,000,000.

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