One Piece to Recreate a Major Manga Moment with New Figures

The Wano Arc hasn't just introduced us to the present swashbuckling epic story of the Straw Hat Pirates attempting to take down Kaido and his Beast Pirates, it also had audiences travelling into the past of the Grand Line by diving into the life of Kozuki Oden and a set of figures is looking to recapture one of the biggest battles in One Piece history as Whitebard squares off against Gol D. Roger! Though we never got a conclusive answer as to which pirate would win in a fight, the battle itself is definitely one for the anime history books!

Kozuki Oden was one of the most legendary figures to appear as a result of the Wano Arc, being a roaming samurai attempting to open up his homeland's borders to the world. On his quest, he came into contact with Whitebeard and begged to be a part of his crew in order to see what the world had to offer. When Whitebeard and his crew came into contact with Gol D Roger, the two battled one another for days, and it was eventually decided that Oden would tag along with Whitebeard's opponent as a member of his crew. In fact, Oden picked an amazing time to join as he was there when Roger discovered the titular treasure of the One Piece!

Twitter User Manganou A shared these new figures that don't just focus on the legendary battle between Whitebeard and Gol D Roger, but also Oden, Marcus, Luffy, and Shanks to name a few that have had giant roles to play in Eiichiro Oda's long running Shonen epic:

The War for Wano is currently taking place in the pages of One Piece's manga as the anime series attempts to catch up with the events taking place. With nearly every hero and villain taking place in the giant battle that is currently spilling out into the isolated nation, it's clear that this war will have long lasting ramifications to the world of the Grand Line once it has finished!


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