One Piece Celebrates the Newest Straw Hat with Official Post

The Straw Hat Pirates have only been expanding since Luffy first hit the seas to discover the treasure known as One Piece, and it seems that the crew of bizarre swashbucklers has officially welcomed a new pirate into their ranks, with Toei celebrating the latest crew member on social media. One Piece is currently putting the Straw Hats through the wringer during the War for Wano Arc, so it's definitely the best time to add some new Luffy crew members as a battle royale broken out the likes of which the series has never seen before.

The tenth member of the Straw Hat Pirates is officially confirmed to be the "Knight of the Sea," in Jimbei, the shark man who will take on the role of helmsman for Luffy's crew. Joining the likes of Zoro, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Nami, and more, it's clear that the strange-looking pirate's power will be put to good use as the Wano resistance fighters attempt to topple the current ruler of Wano Country in Kaido. While the anime is just beginning to dive feet first into the War for Wano, the manga is neck-deep in battles as the Straw Hats test their mettle against scores of Beast Pirates and enemies from their past sailing the Grand Line.

Toei Animation took to its Official Twitter Account to share the big news that Jimbei has been accepted as the newest member of the Straw Hat Pirates, just in time for the Wano Arc that is sure to change the environment of the Grand Line forever in Eiichiro Oda's Shonen franchise:

While Jimbei might be the newest member of the Thousand Sunny's crew, fans are expecting another addition to the team following the conclusion of the War For Wano, with many expecting the offspring of Kaido, Yamato, to join up with Luffy and his gang. Taking on the name of Oden, Yamato is attempting to take down their father and achieve the dream of the Shonen of Kuri who wanted to open the borders of his homeland.


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