Netflix's Iñaki Godoy Visits The Cast of "One Piece on Ice"

The star of Netflix's One Piece visits the cast of One Piece on Ice on the ice.

One Piece's live-action series on Netflix is coming back for a second season. Uniting young actors such as Iñaki Godoy, Emily Rudd, Jacob Romero Gibson, Mackenyu, and Taz Skylar to play the Straw Hat Pirates, this wasn't the only live-action cast to take on the role of Luffy and his crew. In an example of worlds colliding, Iñaki Godoy recently took the opportunity to visit the cast of One Piece on Ice, the first of its kind performance in Japan.

While Iñaki Godoy might play Monkey D. Luffy in Netflix's Western take on the shonen franchise, skater Shoma Uno is the one who plays the Straw Hat Captain on the ice. In an interview earlier this year, Uno talked his character and how he was aiming to bring Luffy to this new venue, "When I first heard about the offer, I was like, 'Are you okay with me?' I came to think that. I'm not the type to make people smile, so I honestly think that my personality is quite different from Luffy's." Since I was selected, I want to do my best." At present, One Piece on Ice has released no plans of making its way to North America.

One Piece on Ice x One Piece on Netflix

Ironically enough, One Piece on Ice adapts the Alabasta Arc, a storyline that primarily takes place on an island that is covered in sand. With the island plagued by a drought and a nefarious pirate known as Crocodile aiming to take the throne, the Netflix series will more than likely hit this storyline in its second season. In the photo below, Godoy is side-by-side with the actress who plays Nico Robin, Marie Ogawa, who was dubbed "Miss All Sundae" when the character was a part of Baroqueworks.

On the Official One Piece on Ice website, Ogawa shared a message to fans regarding her role and how happy she was to learn that she had been chosen to be a part of the production, "I am very happy to be able to appear in the ice show of Japan's leading anime ``One Piece.'' When I received the big role of ``Miss All Sunday,'' I cried out in surprise. I will take on the challenge of my 30-year skating career to play the role of the cool but passionate Miss All Sunday."

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