One Piece Explains Why Sanji's Raid Suit is Perfect for Him

One Piece explained why Sanji's Raid Suit is actually the perfect fit for him! Sanji had gone through some major growth during the Whole Cake Island arc as fans got to learn more about him and the reasons why he's so distant from the rest of the Vinsmoke Family. One of the big surprises of this arc was that the Vinsmokes were a group of technologically advanced sentai like heroes, and they had access to these super suits that gave them new abilities. As it was revealed at the end of the arc, Sanji had his own suit as well.

But Sanji's own Raid Suit was not fully revealed until the start of the Wano Country arc as Sanji had used it in order to help the people of Wano without giving away his own identity as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. This gave Sanji access to his own new abilities as well, and one new detail about his Raid Suit revealed that it's actually perfect for him because it boosts his speed.

One Piece Sanji Soba Mask Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

As spotted by @newworldartur on Twitter, the Vivre Card details for Sanji's Raid Suit revealed that his shoes have a built in acceleration device (which fans see in action with its rocket boosts) that help Sanj to move faster than ever before. Given Sanji's already impressive speed, and strengthened up legs, this was actually a perfect boost to his skills on top of the other bonuses from his Raid Suit.

It was confirmed during his use of the suit that its built in ability was camouflaging himself by reflecting light off the suit and making him appear invisible to his foes. He hilariously used this ability to make himself invisible and sneak into a bath house at his first opportunity to so, and it was another example of why his Raid Suit ended up working out perfectly for him.


Sanji has yet to really rely on the Raid Suit in the Wano Country arc's third act climax, but with this suit in his arsenal Sanji has the ability to move faster than ever before should he choose to rely on it. Given his distaste for the Vinsmoke technology, that probably won't happen until absolutely necessary.

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