Funimation Celebrates Upcoming One Piece: Stampede Release with New Snapchat Filter

One Piece: Stampede went on to incredible success at the box office in Japan, and Funimation finally confirmed that the massive 20th Anniversary film would be hitting North American shores next month. As a way to show just how big this new film will be compared to what has come before, Funimation is really going all out in order to hype fans up for its upcoming release. This includes a neat Snapchat filter which will give fans a Straw Hat of their own.

Announcing through their official Twitter account, Funimation will be holding a special contest in which fans can enter for a chance to attend the upcoming One Piece: Stampede United States premiere in Los Angeles by sharing a photo of themselves with the new Straw Hat filter.

One Piece: Stampede released in Japan as of August 9th, and Funimation will be bringing the film to the United States with English subtitles on October 24, 29 and 31, and with an English dub on October 26 and 30. Theater locations will vary, and new additions to the film include Tsutomu Isobe as the central villain Douglas Bullet, Yusuke Santamaria as Buena Festa, Rino Sashihara as Ann, Ryota Yamasato as Donald Moderate, and Chinese fashion model and singer Ron Monroe, YouTuber group Fischer's, and Naoto Takenaka.

Funimation officially describes the new film as such, "The world’s boldest buccaneers set sail for the great Pirate Festival, where the Straw Hats join a mad-dash race to find Gol D. Roger’s treasure. There’s just one little problem. An old member of Roger’s crew has a sinister score to settle. All bets are off when the most iconic pirates of One Piece history band together for a swashbuckling showdown, the likes of which have never been seen!"

The film has gone on to becoming one of the highest grossing anime films of the year with just its release in Japan, and has cemented itself as the highest grossing film in the franchise thus far. Series creator Eiichiro Oda has celebrated the film's success with a special quote too, "Have you watched Stampede!?...For those who haven't watched it yet. Commentary versions! Cheering screenings! In 4DX!...Thank you, Director Otsuka! Thank you all who enjoyed this 20th anniversary party with us!!"