This Pastel 'One Piece' Plushie Is Too Adorable For Words

One Piece has been around for two decades, but fans cannot get enough of Tony Tony Chopper. The adorable pirate stole hearts when he joined the Straw Hat crew, and Eiichiro Oda has gotten plenty of money off the character’s merch. So, it isn’t surprising a new plush for Chopper has been announced in honor of the franchise’s big anniversary.

And, spoiler: the doll is almost unbearably cute.

The official website for One Piece announced its latest piece of merchandise this week, and Chopper fans are still in awe. As you can see below, a large pastel plushie of the character is being released for One Piece’s 20th anniversary, and the soft collectible is a must-have for fans.

(Photo: Shueisha )

“Chopper is wearing a 20th anniversary costume in a super BIG size plush toy that’s 55 cm of fluffy fabric,” the website writes. “Do not miss this valuable opportunity you can only get for the 20th anniversary!”

The plushie sees Chopper wearing the special outfits Oda designed in honor of One Piece. However, the toy does have the pirate’s usual outfit on as well. The toy’s soft blue has can be removed to show off Chopper’s iconic pink hat which fans have come to love.


If you are not familiar with Tony Tony Chopper, then you have a lot of history to catch up on. The reindeer is one of One Piece’s main characters, and his adorable looks have made him an anime icon. The hero, who hails from Drum Island, is the Straw Hat crew’s doctor and most surprising member. Despite his cute looks, Chopper has the ability to transform into a human-like hybrid thanks to the Hito Hito no Mi. When the pirate transforms, he ages up to an adult, and things can get even more dicey if he takes a Rumble Ball for extra power.

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