Major ‘One Piece’ Arc Seemingly Delayed 1-2 Years

One Piece is currently thriving with its ‘Whole Cake Island’ arc, so fans better get used to [...]

One Piece is currently thriving with its 'Whole Cake Island' arc, so fans better get used to the story. Many readers thought Eiichiro Oda would introduce the manga's long-awaited 'Wano Country' arc later this year, but that doesn't seem like it is the case anymore.

After all, Oda did reveal One Piece will take another 1-2 years now to enter the 'Wano Country' arc.

The delay was made public after Oda did an interview for Super Kabuki 2 One Piece Grand Live. The stage play chatted with the creator for its photo booklet, but its interview contained a blurb about where the One Piece manga was heading. While the 'Wano Country' arc is still a go, it will take a bit longer to reach the story than fans had anticipated.

Over on Twitter, @sandman_AP summarized Oda's comments in English for fans. You can read up on the translator's blurb below:

"Oda says it will take another 1-2 years for One Piece to enter Wano arc. He also says Wano arc will include an episode about Ace."

If you are not familiar with the upcoming 'Wano Country' arc, then you should know the story is said to be a massive one. Oda has before touted the arc as one bigger than the 'Marineford' Arc. One Piece even did a collaboration with the city of Kyoto in October to hype the arc. The event was made to commemorate One Pieces 20th anniversary and highlight Kyoto's similarity to Wano Country in the manga. It was there Oda told fans the new arc would begin this year, but fans are now unsure if the timeline still stands.

With One Piece still entrenched in the 'Whole Cake Island' arc, there is still plenty to wrap up with the story. It is hard to imagine the manga wrapping its current arc up before January 2018 rolls in, so fans of the manga may have to wait longer than expected to meet 'Wano Country' in person.

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