One-Punch Man Artist Gives Update on Chapter 131

Fans have been waiting for the return of Saitama, the One-Punch Man, in both his anime and his [...]

Fans have been waiting for the return of Saitama, the One-Punch Man, in both his anime and his manga should be happy hearing that the artist behind the manga series has given an update that the upcoming chapter is close to completion. With the latest story arc continuing the fights that began in the second season of One-Punch Man's anime, the Hero Association is testing their strength against the Monster Association as super heroes battle against the behemoths that are emerging from the depths as well transforming regular humans into monsters themselves.

One-Punch Man has yet to be confirmed for a third season, with the second season being received with mixed reviews as a result from the change of the original animation studio of Madhouse to JC Staff. Though the animation itself certainly had some questionable moments, it also had some of the best animated scenes in the franchise, such as when Garou was fighting against a number of super heroes in a life or death battle royale. If the next season is confirmed for the franchise's anime, it will be interesting to see whether or not JC Staff will be returning for the next story arc or if it might be bringing back Madhouse.

Reddit User VibhavM shared the translated tweet from Yusuku Murata, who noted that the upcoming chapter was coming close to its release, as well as the chapter following that one being worked on at the exact same time, meaning that fans won't have to wait long to dive back into the world of One-Punch Man:

Murata: 10 pages left of revisions; will start work on Chapter 132 right away too. from r/OnePunchMan

To this day, there hasn't been an opponent that has been able to stand up to Saitama when it comes to a fight, which has added a new dynamic to the series overall. With the One-Punch Man being too powerful for any monster or alien to combat, Saitama finds himself bored and adamantly searching for someone who will be able to challenge his power. The story itself has done a fantastic job of not only exploring Saitama's character, but the heroes around him who do their best at protecting the world.

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