One-Punch Man Cosplay Brings Fubuki to Life

One-Punch Man may be quiet these days after its second season ended, but the series is living on thanks to the fandom. As the manga pushes forward with new content, more and more fans find the superhero series by the day. Of course, these fans come to find go-to characters pretty fast, and it seems like one cosplayer is showing out their take on Fubuki.

Over on Instagram, the user chibikaty went forward with their take on Fubuki for the whole One-Punch Man fandom. The look has since gone viral, and you cannot blame the piece after seeing how spot-on it is.

As you can see above, the simple look brings out Fubuki with her turtleneck dress and white fur coat. Complete with a pearl necklace, Fubuki shines in this piece from the neck up. Some serious work was put in by chibikaty to recreate Fubuki's doe-like eyes. From the eyeliner to lip stain, this Fubuki look does the heroine justice, and a green-styled wig finishes the look.

This is far from the only Fubuki cosplay to hit the Internet, but chibikaty captures the simplicity of this outfit. If you want to see more of their pieces, you can find their Instagram here. From Cowboy Bebop to Kakegurui, chibikaty has done tons of anime looks, so who knows? Maybe they will do Tatsumaki in the future?


What do you think about this take on Fubuki? Which other characters should this cosplayer take on next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.