One-Punch Man Cosplay Shows Off Fubuki's Full Power

One-Punch Man helped pave the way for My Hero Academia to come around, and its heroines made a path for pros like Midnight to take. The web-comic introduced fans to girls like Tatsumaki back in the day, and its anime has made these heroes even more popular. Thanks to one cosplayer, they decided to bring Tatsumaki's sister Fubuki to life, and the impressive look shows off her full power.

You can head over to Instagram to see the look for yourself. The user kiaraberrycos posted their latest take on Fubuki earlier this week. It was there the Italian cosplayer channeled the esper's immense power, and a bit of photo editing brought it to life.

As you can see below, the cosplayer pictures Fubuki high above the city streets while her power runs wild. There is a bunch of green energy surrounding the debris floating in mid-air, but Fubuki looks chill in this cosplay as she raises the boulders from the ground.

Wearing a black sweater dress with long sleeves, Fubuki has a corset trainer around her waist. The dress shows off Fubukii's thigh highs and suede boots as well. When paired with her white fur wig, Fubuki looks like she was taken straight from the anime, and the cosplay's wig only helps in that respect.


This is not the first time the fan has cosplayed Fubuki as she did so last year. It was there Fubuki met up with Tatsumaki for a photoshoot, and netizens were quick to praise the detailed cosplays. Now, Fubuki is back for another close-up, and fans are happy to see the heroine after all this time.

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