One-Punch Man Creator Confirms Chapter 147 Release Date

One-Punch Man isn't letting itself be bothered by its anime these days, and manga readers are living for the shift. In the wake of a shoddy season two, all eyes have turned to the One-Punch Man manga to redeem the series. As you can imagine, Saitama has a lot to prove, and his cohorts will get the chance to shine again soon as a new manga chapter is on the horizon.

The update comes from the manga's creator himself, so you can thank Yusuke Murata for the news. The artist hit up fans on Twitter to apologize for his little delay, but he promises One-Punch Man chapter 147 will go live early this week.

"I'm sorry for have kept you all waiting," Murata wrote. "[The manga] will be updated on Monday at the start of the week. Please just wait a few more moments."

So, there you have it! One-Punch Man will be back on schedule before long. Murata is hoping to bring out his new chapter on June 14, and it will be a big one to pick up. After all, Garou just debuted his newest transformation, and the villain is looking even scarier than before. It is going to take some A- and S-Class heroes to divert Garou, so fans have that to look forward to!

As for the anime, well - there is no news on that front. It would put things lightly to say season two was a disappointment with fans. The shoddily made series suffered under J.C. Staff following its exit from Madhouse. With a new director overseeing One-Punch Man, the hit series lost all its action and charm with one devastating sweep. And now, it seems the manga is all Saitama has got going for him unless the anime pivots a hard left.


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