One-Punch Man Artist Breaks Fandom with Latest Manga Update

One-Punch Man has left fans waiting for the third season of its anime, which would continue the battle that is currently taking place between the Hero Association and the Monster Association, but the manga has continued, with an artist for ONE's creation offering fans a big update that might mean a faster release schedule for the story of Saitama and his fellow heroes. Yusuke Murata has been an artist on One-Punch Man since the series' inception, giving fans some truly dynamic action scenes that have helped propel the franchise to new heights within the medium of anime.

While a story involving an invincible hero that can destroy villains with a single punch might seem insane on its surface, ONE's story has resonated among anime fans thanks in part to Saitama and his supporting cast, with the heroes normally facing off against threats that they themselves can't defeat with a simple hit. With the arrival of the Monster Association, the series has also introduced the "X-Factor" of Garou, the hero killer that was a former student of the top hero named Bang. Attempting to become a monster himself, the second season of the anime ended on a cliffhanger wherein the villainous martial artist is taken to meet the members of the monstrous collective.

The artist behind One-Punch Man, Yusuke Murata, took to their Official Twitter Account to share the news that they are now aiming for eight pages of drawing per day, having successfully managed to blow past the original goal of seven to continue the story of Saitama:

One-Punch Man's future in the world of anime is uncertain, especially following the controversy surrounding the second season as many fans weren't thrilled that the studio behind the first season, Madhouse, wasn't brought back to continue the story of Saitama. Should the franchise receive a third season, it will definitely be interesting to see if JC Staff will return to the anime, or if a new studio will be given a shot with the series.

Do you think we'll see One-Punch Man's manga released faster as a result of Yusuke Murata's faster drawing style? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the hero for fun.