'One Punch Man' Illustrator Teases A Massive Manga Update

When it comes to One Punch Man, fans have come to see Yusuke Murata as a manga god. The artist may be adapting the series from its creator ONE, but Murata has put his own unique flair into the manga since he began overseeing the story. And, now, Murata has stunned fans yet again with a massive update.

No, literally - Murata’s next chapter is going to be very big.

Over on Twitter, the illustrator informed fans that his next chapter is going to be a doozy. The manga’s 83rd chapter debuted earlier this month, and One Punch Man will follow it up next month with 84. Murata is now teasing the upcoming release to fans, and the artist says it will be 100+ pages.

As you can see above, Murata shared an image of the sketches he’s been working on for One Punch Man. The artist captioned the picture, and it confirms his next manuscript will be a whooping 125-pages long.

Yes, 125 pages for a single chapter. If you aren’t impressed by that, then what can?


For fans of One Punch Man, the teaser is a very welcome one. Murata is known for cranking out quality work in large amounts, and the fandom has never seen the artist’s work get sloppy due to large page counts. Murata is said to primarily handle the art of One Punch Man’s manga alone and have some assistants help ink its backgrounds, so the artist’s latest feat is an insane one.

In the past, Murata has stunned fans with his large chapter sizes. Chapters 82 and 83 were both over 50-pages long, and they had an interesting tie into ONE’s web comic of One Punch Man. The manga’s last three chapters are more than 150-pages total, and Murata stretched that out from ONE’s original 30 pages. If Murata stays on-track, then his next update may not event finish chapters 53-54 of the web comic. So, if you are planning to buy Volume 16 of Murata’s manga, then you better make lots of room on your bookshelves.

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