One-Punch Man Teases Major Fight Between Garou and Metal Bat

After giving Garou and Metal Bat their time to shine in the past two episodes, One-Punch Man set up an epic clash between the two on the latest episode.

The S-Class Hero appears midway through the episode serving as a body guard for the Hero Association sponsor Narinki and his young son in S-City. The three are quickly attacked inside a sushi restaurant, but Bat manages to take down Venus Peopletrap, Centikohai, Centisempai and Lafreshidon before finally being confronted by a new Dragon Level Threat, Centichoro.

Bat tries to take down the massive centipede with his killer move "Fighting Spirit Dragon Pummeling," only for the centipede to shake it off and send him crashing to the ground. Unfortunately, he lands right next to Garou, who spent the bulk of the episode stalking the city for a new potential opponent.

"Hold it right there, Metal Bat!" Garou says as Bat gets up to get back into the fight. "You're alive. That changes things! My second Class S... from here on, I'm your opponent. I'm hunting you."

"You serious, dumba—?" Bat says in response. "Can't you see that centipede? Get your ass out—"

Garou then cuts him off and tries to attack using the same move he used to beat Tank-Top Master in last week's episode. Bat blocks it, then realizes who Garou is.

"Now I see, you're that human who calls himself a 'hero-hunting monster,'" he said.

He closes out the episode with one final warning.

"You can see I'm busy," he said. "Come at me, and I'll take that crazeball head of yours... and crack it wide open!"

Since arriving in Season 2's second episode, Garou has taken out the likes of Tank Top-Master, The Tank-Topper Army, Mumen Rider, Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio.

The latest season of One-Punch Man is now streaming on Hulu, with new episodes dropping every Tuesday. Fans outside of the United States can find the new episodes on Crunchyroll. The second season is directed by Chikara Sakurai (Naruto Shippuden episode director), for the production studio J.C. Staff.


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