Stunning Overlord Cosplay Showcases Why Fans Love Albedo

Overlord is one of the key releases to come out of Kadokawa's Isekai anime efforts in the last few [...]

Overlord is one of the key releases to come out of Kadokawa's Isekai anime efforts in the last few years, and the series has gone on to a successful three season run. While fans are currently waiting to see more of the anime series, fans often get good reminders of why fans continue to wait for the series for as long as they are with great cosplay. One of the major standouts is the fan favorite Albedo, and while this character has been a big hit with fans for a number of reasons it's no secret that fans mostly love her design.

One cosplay has certainly caught attention not only for its excellent crafting highlighting some of Albedo's fan-favorite features, but it's a work shared by the adult film star Kaho Shibuya. So there's a ton of layers at work with this cosplay, and it's a perfect reflection of Albedo's many great facets as well.

You can currently find more of Albedo not only in the three seasons of Overlord, but in the special anime crossover featuring characters from four of Kadokawa's biggest light novel anime adaptations, Isekai Quartet. This series takes Overlord, Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-, Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!, and Saga of Tanya the Evil in cute chibi forms, and mashes them together in adorable ways. You can now find it streaming on FunimationNOW and Crunchyroll. A second season has been confirmed to be in the works, too!

This fun series not only gave fans more Albedo, but allowed her to exist outside of her pure love for Ainz Ooal Gown. So that meant fans got to see more of her character, and now fans can't wait to see what else they'll see from Albedo. With eye-popping cosplay like this, it's not hard to see why Albedo has become such a fan-favorite in such a short time.

The crossover project is scripted and directed by Minoru Ashina, Minoru Takehara acts as character designer and animation director with Studio Puyukai animating the series. The story is a bit simple, but it's the perfect opening for cute shenanigans as a mysterious red button pops up in each of these worlds and pressing it brings them together. The "Isekai" in its title refers to a subgenre of fantasy anime in which a normal human is brought into a fantasy world through magical means, and each of these series are major examples of this genre as they have sold more than 16 million copies in print altogether along with popular anime adaptations for each of the series.