'Overlord' Season 2 Premiere Date Announced

The premiere for season 2 of Overlord has only just been announced, with it now not being too far away from hitting fans screens. The series is inspired by the original works of Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by So-Bin. The Japanese light novel has become incredibly popular, with eth franchise already having 11 volumes being released.

Meanwhile, the novels have inspired Madhouse to create a 13-epiosde animated television series, which aired between July 7th and September 29th, 2015. In addition, the series has had two compilation anime films, which both aired in February and March this year.

The series has only just recently announced the second season of the popular franchise, with its release being in January 2018, which isn't too far away for Overlord fans. However, if you are unfamiliar with eths series, the story takes place in the future, 2138, where virtual reality gaming is everything. One day an incredibly popular game that everyone plays randomly shuts down, however, the main character in Momonga, decides to not log out when the game shuts down.

Momonga is then transformed into a skeleton and as a result, he becomes the most powerful wizard. As the game shuts down slowly there are some weird things that start to happen within this virtual world, for example, NPC's (Non-Player-Characters) start to feel emotions. As a result, Momonga decides that he wants to remain in this world and so decides to take over and become ruler of everything within it, which will fill the empty void that he has in the real world.

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(Photo: Madhouse)

Overlord fans have been waiting a couple of years to now for the series' second season, with them now not having to wait too much longer. In addition, it is unclear whether or not season 2 will be longer than season 1, however, fans are hopeful that it will be.