'Overlord' Season 2 Releases First Trailer

If you’re ready for some more Overlord, then Madhouse is here to give you a bone - literally. [...]

If you're ready for some more Overlord, then Madhouse is here to give you a bone - literally. The first teaser trailer for Overlord's second season just hit the Internet, and the stunning reel shows off some of the anime's most popular characters.

The trailer, which can be seen below, was shared on Youtube and Overlord's official website this weekend. The anime will usher in a new story from Kugane Maruyama's novels and is slated to debut next January.

If you are not familiar with Overlord, then you should know the series is an increasingly popular one. The anime debuted back in January 2015 and has had two compilation films release in Japan.

As for its story, Overlord is a new twist anime and its focus on gaming series. The anime takes place in 2138 where virtual reality gaming is all the rage. Yggdrasil is one of the industry's most popular games, but it is mysterious shut down one day. One gamer named Momonga decides he does not want to log out of the game, and his avatar is turned into a massive skeleton who is known as "the most powerful wizard."

With apparently omnipotence at his disposal, Momonga explores the game's abandoned world. However, the game continues to evolve without players as NPCs begin to develop emotions and independent thought. With no one to hold him back, Momonga decides he will become the new ruler of Yggdrasil, but the player's goals are not as easy to accomplish as he thought.

The anime's second season hopes to outdo its first by bringing on a talent crew to oversee it. Naoyuki Itou will return to direct the new season while Yukie Sugawara takes charge of series composition. Satoshi Tasaki joined on to assist returning character designer Takahiro Yoshimatsu brings the anime's characters to life. Madhouse will also handle production on the second season as it did last time.

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