Persona 5 Announces Live-Action Stage Play

The Phantom Thieves are still sneaking across the rooftops, with their next attempt to steal [...]

The Phantom Thieves are still sneaking across the rooftops, with their next attempt to steal hearts transitioning to the stage as a live-action play has just been confirmed. While the popular video game of Persona has existed for years across multiple video game systems and has been given a number of anime series, perhaps none have been as popular the latest entry of Persona 5. Releasing in December of this year in Japan, the stage play will feature Hiroki Ino as the protagonist Joker.

An official release date and poster for the stage play was released on the play's official Twitter Account, Persona 5 The Stage:

How closely this live action stage play will follow the events of the video game is yet to be seen, but they certainly have a ton of material to adapt should they choose. The Persona 5 video game would often taken players over one hundred hours to beat, as Joker continued to make more friends and add to his ever growing guild in the forms of the Phantom Thieves.

Persona 5 Live Action
(Photo: Atlus Co, Ltd)

An animated series titled Persona 5: The Animation premiered in April of last year, 2018, with 26 episodes to its name as it documented the events of the video game it was based on in anime format. This was also the case with the previous game of Persona 4, that saw an anime series and a live action stage play produced.

Persona 5 has been extremely popular recently as Joker recently appeared in the game, Super Smash Bros, and is even rumored to get a ported version of the game on the Ninteno Switch.

What do you think of the news that Persona 5 will be getting its own live action stage play? What events from the game would you like to see make it into the adaptation? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the Phantom Thieves!

Persona 5 is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Released last year in North America and Europe, it was one of the highest-rated games of 2017, and is widely considered one of the best RPGs of all-time. Below, you can read more about it:

"Uncover the picaresque story of a young team of phantom thieves in this latest addition to the critically acclaimed Persona series. By day, enjoy your high school life in the big city, spending your time however you please. The bonds you form with the people you meet will grow into a great power to help you fulfill your destiny! After school, use your Metaverse Navigator smartphone app to infiltrate Palaces--surreal worlds created from the hearts of corrupt adults--and slip away to your double life as a phantom thief. With the power of Persona, make these criminals have a change of heart by stealing the Treasure of their distorted desires. Join your new friends in the fight to reform society with your own sense of justice!"