Pokemon Finally Brought Back Lieutenant Surge

When it comes to Pokemon trainers, fans seem to have their favorites, and they will stick with them until the end of time. For some, their picks end up going to a Gym Leader, and it was Lieutenant Surge who got all the love back in the day. Now, Pokemon fans are geeking out as the anime finally revisited the trainer, but it did not go the way they expected.

Over the weekend, Pokemon: The Series put out a new episode, and it was there fans met up with Ash Ketchum. The trainer has decided to enter the Pokemon World Championships to fight Dende, the strongest trainer in all the regions. This quest forced Ash to revisit Vermillion City, and it was there Ash had a lil' flashback about the town.

After all, the city houses the gym which Surge once oversaw. In this latest episode, fans learned Surge has handed over the gym to a newer trainer known as Pisces. Ash is left to fight this new leader who trained under Surge for years, but the old-school trainer did make a brief appearance. After all, Ash has a little flashback about his original victory at Vermillion City, and it is there fans get to see Surge.

pokemon surge
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Of course, this check-in is not quite as good as the real thing. Pokemon got all nostalgic with this flashback, but fans want to know where the Lightning trainer has gone to. Surge named his protege an acting gym leader which implies the older man is coming back, so here's to hoping Ash will run into the trainer before he challenges Dende down the line. Such a comeback would make ComicBook.com's own Jim Viscardi buzz with excitement, and we're pretty sure he's not the only one who would freak out.


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