Debunked Pokemon Post Has Fans Arguing Over Misty and Brock Comeback

Pokemon fans love a good story, and there are all sorts of rumors out there they lean into when it [...]

Pokemon fans love a good story, and there are all sorts of rumors out there they lean into when it comes to the anime. Both the video games and the TV series are a hotbed for tall tales, but fans are there to vet them as they come. That is why the Pokemon fandom is geeking out right now on social media. Not long ago, art surfaced which shows concept designs for Brock and Misty, but fans wanted to know if it is really true.... and spoiler! It is fake.

You can check out the convincing Pokemon artwork below and give its good once over. The pair can be seen on a design paper featuring Koharu, Yamper, and more. Misty and Brock are found at the bottom of the sheet which has given credibility to the alleged poster.

So far, The Pokemon Company has not said anything about this design which make sense because it is fake. A fan over on Deviant Art confirmed the artwork was made as a joke, but that has not stopped fans from wishing it were real.

For now, fans will have to wait and see whether Brock and Misty will actually join this anime. Netizens know better than to put all of their eggs in one basket, but they do have reason to hope for their return. For one, Pokemon: Sun and Moon went so far to bring the duo back, and The Pokemon Company is a big fan of Misty and Brock given how often they are referenced.

After all, it would make sense. The new show began with Ash back in Kanto, and it did not take him long before he began traveling with his latest friend Go. With the pair going around the different regions, it only makes sense that Ash would run into his friends, but Pokemon fans aren't sure they want the original duo to stick around forever. There are other companions to visit, you know?

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