Pokemon Trailer Confirms the Return of Mega Evolutions

The new year saw the latest Pokemon anime go in a new direction with its story, and there are more turns in store for the show. Pokemon: The Series set out to redefine the anime with a new sort of mission for Ash and Pikachu. With a new friend in tow, Ash is going around all of the regions to earn enough points to challenge Leon, the reigning Pokemon Champion. But before he can get to that point, it seems like he will face off with a familiar Mega Evolution.

Yes, you did read that right! Mega Evolutions are coming back, and fans could not be more excited. There is no word on how and where the transformation will go down, but a new trailer for the anime showcased Korrina and her Lucario diving into a Mega Evolution in battle.

The clip, which can be seen below, shows the blond heroine in the midst of a battle. With her hair pulled back, the roller skating Gym Leader brings some Pokemon X and Y flair to the show. At one point, Korrina is shown directing her Lucario in battle, and things get hairy with the monster mega evolves.


This move is certainly a smart one to do in battle given how powerful Mega Evolutions are. For all of the trainers in Galar, they will be surprised to come up against it. For the most part, Galar trainers are used to using Dynamax and Gigantamax moves during their battles, but Mega Evolution has wowed them from afar. Now, it seems like Korrina bring her mega power to Galar, and I am sure locals will be shocked when Ash takes down the trainer one on one.

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