Pokemon Reveals Whether Ash Becomes a Pokemon Master in Final Episode

The Pokemon anime has officially said goodbye to Ash Ketchum over 25 years after he first started his journey, and the final episode of his tenure has revealed whether or not Ash has actually become the Pokemon Master he's been aiming to be! Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master was a special final season of the Pokemon anime meant to be Ash's final adventure after becoming the World Champion. But as Ash discovered more about himself and the world, he also comes to realize that being a Pokemon Master is a lot more of a challenge than he first expected. 

The Pokemon anime began with Ash setting out on his journey to become the best that ever was on his road to being a Pokemon Master, and now that the anime has said its goodbye, Ash has actually taken the time to reflect on his journey overall. After a reunion with his longest rival, Gary Oak, Ash starts to question whether or not he's actually closer to being a Pokemon Master after winning the World Coronation Series. As he considers all of his travels, he comes to the answer that he's not quite a master just yet. 

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon: Is Ash a Pokemon Master? 

Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master Episode 11 (serving as Ash's final episode in the Pokemon anime overall) sees Ash explaining to Pikachu that he doesn't feel like a Pokemon Master, "Back then, [Gary] asked me how closer I was to being a Pokemon Master, but being Champion's not my goal. I still consider myself a challenger. I wanna have lots more adventures, and meet more Pokemon. All the things that happen each day...Every one of them matters..."

As for what Ash believes being a Pokemon Master means, he's likely still very far from that end goal, "I wanna make friends with all the Pokemon in the world. That's gotta be what it means to be a Pokemon Master." The goal to make as many friends as possible was Ash's final goal for the anime's special finale series overall, so this final realization helps it all to cement Ash's journey through the Pokemon anime for all this time. 

But while Ash might not feel like he's a Pokemon Master, fans will disagree! Do you think Ash has become a Pokemon Master now that he's leaving the anime? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!