Pokemon: Ash's Finale Revisits an Old Friend After 20+ Years

The Pokemon anime has now officially said goodbye to Ash Ketchum after over 25 years with the trainer's final episode airing in Japan this past weekend, and the Pokemon anime really made sure to send off Ash with a bang by giving him a surprising major reunion in his final episode! Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master was a special 11 episode series airing in Japan in order to big Ash a fond farewell after watching him travel through the various anime regions over 25 long years, and the final episode was certainly a tearjerker for fans who have been watching the entire time

The Pokemon anime's final episode for Ash has now aired in Japan, and saw Ash figuring out what next step he should take after becoming the World Champion in pursuit of a new, unforeseen goal. But as part of his final adventure, Ash finally reunited with the Pidgeot he parted ways with over 1,000 or so episodes ago as the two of them team up together one final time before it's all over! This means that Ash really did get to reunite with all of his old favorites before saying goodbye. Check it out below as spotted by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter: 

Pokemon: How Ash and Pidgeot Finally Reunite in Final Episode

Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master Episode 11 (which also serves as Ash's final episode in the Pokemon anime overall) sees Ash getting attacking by Team Rocket one final time, but he forgot the rest of his Pokemon team at Professor Oak's laboratory. But all of a sudden, Pidgeot arrives to help free Pikachu and reveals that the flock it had been left with before (over 1,100 or so episodes of the Pokemon anime ago) have all grown up in the time they have spent apart. 

After helping to free Pikachu from Team Rocket's clutches, Ash realizes that Pidgeot is ready to travel with his team again after all this time! That means long after Ash initially made his promise to Pidgeot that he would return someday, now the two of them have become a team once again! As the final of Ash's major Pokemon reunions fans have gotten to see in his final episodes, it's certainly a big way to go out! 

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