Pokemon Finally Let Ash Win His First-Ever Pokemon League

The Pokemon anime has finally done it. After well over a 1,000 episodes, the series did something [...]

The Pokemon anime has finally done it. After well over a 1,000 episodes, the series did something which millions were sure it never would. This weekend, the latest episode of Pokemon Sun & Moon went live, and it was there the Alolan League came to a close. And as the Internet knows now, the tournament closed with a rather historic finish.

After all, Ash Ketchum is now a Pokemon Champion. The iconic hero beat out Gladion to become the winner of the Alolan League, and fans are losing their minds over the long-awaited win.

For those unaware, the latest episode of Pokemon went live this weekend, and it pitted Ash against a friend of his. Gladion came at Ash with a powerful Lycanroc vs Lycanroc battle which leave the Pallet Town hero in a corner. Still, the dedicated trainer managed to pull out a win against Gladion. By the episode's end, Ash was crowned a Pokemon Champion, and he was awarded the Alolan League trophy.

For fans, this win marks an absolute turning point in the franchise. For decades now, Ash has been focused on one thing, and that is to be the very best. After getting Pikachu from Professor Oak so long ago, Ash wanted to become a Pokemon Champion. He has come close before as his work in the Kalos League got him into the Top 2. With each passing league, Ash got closer and closer to his goal without ever touching it. Many did wonder is the Alolan League would treat Ash differently, and it seems they were right. After more than a 1,000 episodes of training, Ash was ready to become a Pokemon Champion at last, and fans are curious how the TV series will carry on from here on out.

After all, a recent announcement was made concerning the next chapter of Pokemon. This month, fans were told a new Pokemon anime will be released in 2020, and it will feature starters from every region. In fact, reports confirmed the show will visit multiple regions outside of Galar, leaving fans to wonder whether Ash would even be the star of the season. His big win in Alola has only compounded those fears, so here's to hoping the Kanto region superstar doesn't get left behind!

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