Pokemon Shares First Look at the Squirtle Squad's Return

Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master has been seeing Ash Ketchum reuniting with all sorts of familiar faces from his past as the anime gets ready to say goodbye to him forever, and the series has shared the first look at the famous Squirtle Squad's big return to the franchise! Ash has been checking off quite the huge list after becoming a world champion at the end of Pokemon Journeys, and this has brought him together with some of the favorites from his past that fans have been waiting forever to see come back to the anime in some form. 

As Pokemon continues to make its way through Ash's final episodes, the series have seen him reuniting with not only the likes of his first ever travel companions, Misty and Brock, but some of the Pokemon that he had parted ways with way back when. This includes the famous trio of Starters from the Kanto region like his Squirtle, who is preparing to come back to the series together with the rest of its firefighting squad in a coming episode. You can check out a first look at the Squirtle Squad's anime comeback below from Pash! Magazine: 

What to Expect From the Squirtle Squad's Pokemon Comeback

The Squirtle Squad will be making their comeback with the fifth episode of Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master airing on February 9th in Japan. The episode is titled "Burn! The Squirtle Fire Brigade!" and it begins to tease itself as such, "Ash, Pikachu, and the others have come to a port town where a large crowd has gathered to witness the show put on by the Squirtle Fire Brigade, led by Squirtle who traveled with Ash in the past!" 

The synopsis continues with, "Ash and the others are enjoying the show but on the other hand Team Rocket, who have become the managers of the Squirtle Fire Department seem to be plotting something...?!" With the Squirtle Squad coming back to reunite with Ash and the others soon enough, it's starting to really feel like it's the time to say goodbye to Ash's time with the anime overall. 

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