Pokemon's Anime Is Gearing Up for a Big Anniversary This Year

Pokemon's anime has been following Ash Ketchum for decades, despite the fact that the young trainer hasn't aged during this time. Now, with the arrival of 2022, it seems that the television series that has run concurrently with Pokemon's video game series for quite a few years is set to celebrate a major milestone. With Ash and Goh currently navigating their way through some of their biggest battles, fans are waiting with anticipation for any surprises that are sent their way via the world of pocket monsters. 

Pokemon's anime first debuted in 1997, introducing the world of the young trainer Ash who is attempting to capture the strongest Pokemon around while forming bonds with his roster of battlers that in turn makes him a better trainer. While Ash has had plenty of major catches over the years, he's never been without his Pikachu at his side, with the anime helping to push the electric rodent as one of the most popular figures from the franchise. Though the series has had over one thousand episodes to date, Ketchum has remained a young boy, though his life has certainly seen some major dynamic shifts.

(Photo: OLM)

The current season, which would most likely ring in the twenty-fifth anniversary for this year, is labeled Pokemon Journeys and sees Ash joined by his friend Goh as they attempt to both become great trainers while also looking to defeat the trainers of the Galar region. First introduced in the Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon Sword & Shield, the trainers of the Galar Region are some of the strongest that Ash has ever encountered and he has yet to claim victory over the land's reigning champion, Leon.

While no concrete plans have been revealed regarding the twenty-fifth anniversary of Pokemon's anime, we definitely expect some big events to help ring in the occasion. With the latest episodes shining the spotlight on Ash, Goh, and even Team Rocket, it will be interesting to see if this year makes any significant changes to the lives of these characters.


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