Digimon and Pokemon Unite in This Old-School Crossover

Digimon and Pokemon have been in a battle with one another since they began. The two series have been compared more time than fans care to count, and their clashes often leave one fandom sulking. Of course, there are also plenty of fans who enjoy both series, and that is why one artist decided it was time to bring the two series together after so long of being torn apart.

The crossover happened thanks to rheinart_paleo over on Twitter as they posted a special drawing of theirs. The artist seems to have been tired of the question every anime seems to get at some point. When asked if they were a Pokemon or Digimon fan, R.T. Hein said they were both, and that is why they mashed up two popular pocket monsters.

You can see the artwork down below as Pokemon's Charizard gets acquainted with Greymon in the best way. The evolutions are two of the most iconic in the respective franchise, so it only makes sense for them to come together. That is why the dragons have teamed up, and netizens admit this crossover is the perfect response to the Pokemon-Digimon War.

As you can tell, Greymon is easily recognizable thanks to its head and horns. There are blue stripes decorating the monster's body just like Digimon would like, and the beast is carrying sharp claws as expected.


However, there are some things different about this monster, and that is thanks to Charizard. The Pokemon's wings and fiery tale are mixed into this monster with ease. Greymon's body is also streamlined to better suit Charizard, so we can safely say the monster is equal parts Pokemon and Digimon. You know, as all things should be!

What do you think of this throwback crossover? Which other Pokemon starters would fit in with Digimon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.