Pokemon Fan Creates the Eevee Evolutions the Galar Region Missed Out On

Pokemon fans have become real familiar with the franchise's bevy of monsters, and Eevee has [...]

Pokemon fans have become real familiar with the franchise's bevy of monsters, and Eevee has brought plenty of them to life. The Normal-type is certainly cute in its own right but all of its evolutions make Eevee something truly special. Now, one artist is making up for a wrong they felt the franchise committed by not making Galarian Eevee evolutions, and they have done so perfectly.

The Pokemon artwork comes courtesy of PageofSean who posted a project of theirs over on Reddit. The fan said they were "really shocked" that the Galar region didn't welcome new Eevee forms, so they decided to fill in that oversight for them.

"I was really shocked that they didn't do new eeveelutions this generation, so I drew the two that I thought would've fit perfectly. Galar was an england-themed region so I wanted to do a pair of eevees based on a Dragon and a Knight, for the mythology buffs in the audience. There's any number of ways that the evolution could work, but I'd love to hear y'alls ideas," the artist shared with netizens.

I drew the new Eeveelutions that we were robbed of this generation from r/pokemon

As you can see above, the artwork is stunning. It fills into two missing types for Eevee with a Steel-and Dragon-type monster. The former goes by the name Knighteon while Wyveon covers the latter.

Much like the Legendaries of the Galar region, Knighteon is covered in armor like a knight, and its tail completes the look given its dagger shoe. As for Wyveon, the Dragon-type evolution turns Eevee into a fierce wyvern which no trainer would want to face.

Sadly, no such evolutions were introduced in the eighth generation of Pokemon, but fans have hope more may come. Soon, the franchise will bring into the Mythical Pokemon called Zarude to the Poke Dex, so further updates could bring evolutions like these to life before long.

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