'Fairly OddParents' Creator Shares 'Pokemon' Crossover

Pokemon and The Fairly OddParents have more in common than you think. Both franchises feature [...]

Pokemon and The Fairly OddParents have more in common than you think. Both franchises feature young male heroes who have iconic sidekicks and a handful of nemeses. So, it isn't too surprising to see Butch Hartman combine the series together - well, mostly.

No one really expected the animator to throw Danny Phantom into the mix.

Over on Twitter, Hartman shared another one of his doodles with fans, and it featured a three-way mash-up. As you can see below, Pokemon was used as the foundation for a crossover between Danny Phantom and The Fairly OddParents.

Hartman condensed the latter series by turning its two famous faeries into a PokeBall. Cosmo and Wanda turned themselves into a PokeBall, and the magical item looks determined to catch its prey. The Fairy Ball is heading straight to a ghostly Pokemon based on Danny, and the black-and-white creature looks plenty menacing.

The drawing got plenty of love online, and fans went so far as to make up moves and types for the sketch. Clearly, Danny's Pokemon is a Ghost-type, but there is no word on how powerful the Fairy Ball is. Cosmo may let his target go since he is clumsy, but Wanda is scary efficient; There's no telling what the item's success rate really is.

Fans are loving the new anime and cartoon mash-up, but they cannot say they are surprised by it. Over the last few months, Hartman has shared a slew of crossovers featuring Naruto, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, One Punch Man, and more.

Last year, Hartman even teamed up with Crunchyroll to give The Fairly OddParents a full-on anime makeover. The artist did an anime-style imagining of Timmy Turner and his fairy godparent comrades taking on Mr. Crocker. The fight paid homage to classic series like Dragon Ball, and Hartman told fans he took on the crossover because he is a big fan of the anime industry.

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