'Pokemon' Anime Goes Viral for James' Accidentally Adult Comment

The current iteration of the Pokemon anime is filled with all kinds of wacky shenanigans from week [...]

The current iteration of the Pokemon anime is filled with all kinds of wacky shenanigans from week to week that many of the moments from each episode strike a chord with fans. But sometimes it's by a hilarious coincidence.

One James moment from the latest episode has gotten all sort of strange attention as he can't stop talking about Meltan's lug nut. But thanks to the Internet...well you'll see below.

As highlighted by @PunishedHag on Twitter, when Meltan loses its traditional lug nut housing for its eye in the latest episode Team Rocket's James stumbles on it and fawns over it in a big way. He notes that the "nut" is perfect in every way thanks to its shape, style, and shine, and even declares that it's a "nut among nuts" according to the translations written for the episode.

While this is not too salacious within the context of the episode, fans of the series have pointed out how it alludes to something far more blue. If there's any character this would fit better with it's James as the character is known for his playful nature throughout the entire series. James has been none to make these kind of statements or allusions in the series in the past, and this may be accidental but it hilariously fits.

If you haven't kept up with the current run of the anime, Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon is described as such, "What starts as a summer vacation in the tropical Alola region turns into the next exciting chapter in Ash Ketchum's quest to become a Pokémon Master! There's plenty for Ash and Pikachu to explore in this sunny new region, with exciting new Pokémon to discover and interesting people to learn from along the way—including the cool Professor Kukui and the fun-loving Samson Oak.

More new faces will help guide Ash's Alolan adventure, in the form of a group of skilled Trainers—Kiawe, Lana, Mallow, and Sophocles—and a mysterious research assistant called Lillie. Frequent foes Team Rocket have also made the trip to Alola, looking to swipe some high-powered new Pokémon. But they have some heavy competition on the villainy front: the ruffians of Team Skull, who delight in causing chaos and may have more sinister intentions..."


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