Remember When the Pokemon Anime Gigantamaxed Monsters Back in the Day?

When it comes to Pokemon, the franchise dates back a couple of decades, and a lot has happened [...]

When it comes to Pokemon, the franchise dates back a couple of decades, and a lot has happened during that time. Different monsters have come and gone over the years in the anime while its video games have done their own thing. In fact, fans learned some new tricks from the video games when Gigantamax forms were revealed, but they were all that original.

After all, the anime did do it first. Sure, the show might not have used magical stars to power the moves, but Gigantamaxing has existed in the Pokemon Universe for awhile. The anime introduced such concepts awhile back, and we're here to point out some of the top moments.

Of course, there is one very famous example of Pokemon undergoing growth spurts in the anime, and that happened in "Mystery at the Lighthouse" years ago. The episode followed Ash and the gang as they arrived at a fog-covered lighthouse from the sea. They were stunned when a massive Dragonite the size of the building appeared before them, but that is far from the anime's only mega-sized moment.

Pokemon Pikachu Gigantamax Anime
(Photo: OLM )

Tentacruel was given a big redesign in the old-school episode "Tentacool and Tentacruel". Other Pokemon such as Magikarp, Gulpin, Mantine, and a few others have gotten such makeovers. Even Gengar and Alakazam underwent growth spurts in the original anime, and these instances have made fans question the originality of Gigantamaxing.

Still, there is a solid argument for the new technique being new. There was never a formal process for sizing up your Pokemon until the Galar region was introduced. The newest generation of Pokemon finally turned the mysterious phenomenon into something that is repeatable. And at the end of the debate, I think we can all agree that Gigantamax (or just giant) Pokemon are pretty sweet.

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