Sobble Takes Spotlight in New Pokemon Trailer

The Pokemon anime has hit a good stride since it debuted last year, and that bodes well for the experimental series. When the all-new show went live, fans kept up with Ash Ketchum and Pikachu as they began traveling to regions far and wide. With a new companion at their side, fans wondered how the trio would tread into the Galar region given all their missions, and it seems like Ash will be called there one way or another.

And why is that, you may ask? Well, it has plenty to do with Leon and a very special starter. It turns out Sobble is about to get the spotlight in a big way as Ash prepares to meet the cutie who will likely become his next catch.

Fans learned all this info when Pokemon: The Series put out its most recent trailer. It was there fans got a better glimpse at the anime's future arcs, and Sobble showed up in a big way. The starter was shown in one scene sitting by a pool crying, but a voiceover from Ash came in to make the Pokemon's day.

It turns out Ash offers to have Sobble join his team to become stronger, and that prompts the Galar starter to turn around stunned. It doesn't take long for Sobble to tear up in thanks, leaving fans in a puddle of emotions as well.


Now, Pokemon fans are curious when this big catch will be made and how Ash is even introduced to Sobble. Go met his Scorbunny during their visit to the Galar region, but the pair have been at odds ever since. Despite Scorbunny having evolved into a Raboot, Go hasn't learned how to vibe with his partner, but Ash will no doubt strike up a friendship with Sobble the moment they meet.

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