Pokemon Star Makes Kid's Day with Special Pikachu Toy

When you want to catch 'em all, it is difficult to let one go even if it is for a good cause. Ash [...]

When you want to catch 'em all, it is difficult to let one go even if it is for a good cause. Ash Ketchum did learn that the hard way thanks to Pokemon such as Butterfree and Charizard. Even the boy's voice actor has had to learn the raw deal, but it turns out Rica Matsumoto wasn't bothered all that much by a recent sacrifice she made. After all, the iconic actress behind Ash made a kid's day, and all it took was a bit of kindness to get it done.

As reported by Sora News 24, Matsumoto shared a cute story with followers over on Twitter. It was there the Japanese voice of Ash (or Satoshi) regaled fans with an experience she had on a train recently.

"There was a kid bawling on the train, and the mom was panicking. She was trying everything she could, pulling picture books and toys out of her bag," the actress shared.

"I always have a small Pikachu keychain on me when I go out, so I walked over and gave it to the kid, saying 'Don't cry. Look, this Pikachu lights up,'" she continued. "And just like that, the kid stopped crying. 'Oh wow, the Pikachu does light up! Thank you so much,' the mom said with a smile."

As you can see, Matsumoto used her secret stash of Pikachu toys to ease a tense situation. The child was having a hard time as you can tell, but their mother and the passengers on the train could not have been too pleased. That is where Ash... erm, Matsumoto comes in. All it took was a little Pikachu toy to save the day, and Matsumoto did not stop there.

"I think it's possible the kid just stopped crying because they were startled by a stranger coming up and talking to them (lol lol)," she said. "Before I got off the train at my stop, I said goodbye to the mom with 'Keep doing your best'"

Clearly, Matsumoto has got a bit of Ash's spirit within her. The boy would have done nothing less than to help a disgruntled kid, and Pikachu would no doubt approve of her tactics. Now, here's to hoping the child passes that kindness on forward and shares the love of Pokemon with dozens to come.

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